Share the knowledge of your platform with the community by publishing as much information about its hardware on the wiki. Include drawings (mechanical and electrical), links to the open source software which controls (parts of) the platform and provide your parts with as much information possible to ensure another institute can rebuild your platform.


To get help you to get started with your contribution, the ROP Contribution Manual was developed. The manual aims to encompass the majority of aspects relevant to your robotic open source project to decrease the development eff orts for others to reproduce and further develop your robot. Note that the wiki will be open for everyone to read. Signing up is required to post and edit the wiki. Remember to keep the wiki clean and stick to your own robot.


The important reason for having a style guide is to be consistent. This style guide can't cover every possible thing you may need to write a wiki page about, so just remember to be consistent in your own documentation. Templates are available to ensure a common layout for all contributions to the community.