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This page contains the templates to be used starting with the addition of a new robot onto the Main Page together with some additional style guides. This style guide can't cover every possible thing you may need to write a wiki page about, so just remember to be consistent in your own documentation.


Robot Name

File:Picture of the robot.jpg
Figure 1:Robot Name

Short description of the robot.



Use heading-level 3 for subchapters.

=== Subchapter Name ===


Names of a new page or a figure should always start with the robot name.


Keep the wiki easy to read.

  • Don't make pictures unnecessarilly big.
  • Always center figures to keep it clean.
  • Provide figures of number and a short description.
[[Image:Robot Name Figure Name.jpg|500px|thumb|center|Figure 1: Figure description]]
File:Robot Name Figure Name.jpg
Figure 1: Figure description
  • Use a table when adding multiple pictures next to each other.
{| style="background: transparent; margin: auto;"
| [[Image:Robot Name Figure Name.jpg|400px|thumb|center|Figure 2: Left]]
| [[Image:Robot Name Figure Name.jpg|400px|thumb|center|Figure 3: Right]]


To include a movie from par example Youtube use:

<div class="center" style="width:auto; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">{{#ev:youtube|jF--uLxtYlo}}</div>
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