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TURTLE-5k website
CST Group, TU/e
Bill Of Materials
Excel Spreadsheet
CAD Files
Siemens NX 7.5
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TURTLE-5k: Coming Soon


Robot Summary

The TURTLE-5k is a remake of the TURTLE robots, the 2012 world champion robot-soccer in the RoboCup Mid-Size League, with a cost price reduction from €25.000,- to €5.000,-.

Figure 1: TURTLE-5k

This TURTLE-5k becomes an affordable development platform to participate in Middle Size League (MSL) of the international RoboCup competition. This competition aims through various leagues to accelerate robotics to a higher level. MSL is a challenging league in which the robots have to function and play normal football autonomously. Technological innovations are stimulated because all inventions are open source. Initially, ACE has studied the TURTLE 2012. By looking at the features has resulted in the Value Analysis. By applying Value Engineering has been made clear what functions the most cost and where you should focus on cost reduction. This is followed by an investigation to the best production methods to ultimately make a series of 50 robots. This is also done in cooperation with the TU / e and the knowledge of the other participants Frencken and VEDS . The prototype is tested. On the basis of the test results, the design is adjusted so it is ready for others to download it and to make an own team.

3D Viewer

TURTLE-5k Pictures

Figure 2: Rear-right view
Figure 3: Rear-left view
Figure 4: Front-left view
Figure 5: Vision system
Figure 6: Ball handling and kicking
Figure 7: Vision system
Figure 8: Computer box
Figure 9: Ball handling and kicking
Figure 10: Base
Figure 11: Ball handling and kicking
Figure 12: Electronics
Figure 13: Ball handling and kicking
Figure 14: PCB
Figure 15: Omniwheel
Figure 16: PCB
Figure 17: Base
Figure 18: Kicking mechanism
Figure 19: Base
Figure 20: Render front-right
Figure 21: Render without covers
Figure 22: Render with ball
Figure 23: Render front
Figure 24: Render rear-left
Figure 25: Render rear


Figure 20: TURTLE-5k introduction poster
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