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Robot Summary

AMIGO 2 is a service and care taking robot of the Eindhoven University of Technology and is the successor of AMIGO 1. AMIGO 2 is currently under development.

Figure 1: CAD model of AMIGO 2 standing front
Figure 2: CAD model of AMIGO 2 standing rear

AMIGO 2 Under Development

There are plans for a successor for TU/e care robot AMIGO. Construction will start soon. The new model should be more agile and less ‘bumpy’. AMIGO 1 was improved only recently. The plan is for the robots to coexist for a while – AMIGO 1 will stay in the picture even after introduction of his new buddy, says team leader Janno Lunenburg. “We’ll be participating in the RoboCup again next year. Should AMIGO 2 be ready to go by then, we might take it with us. But we’re allowed to register two robots for the competition, and they can work together.” AMIGO is an acronym for Autonomous Mate for IntelliGent Operations. The robot measures a meter-and-a-half in length and moves through a platform on wheels. Using its arms it can carry out a wide variety of human tasks such as retrieving an item from the kitchen.

Figure 3: CAD model of AMIGO 2 sitting front
Figure 4: CAD model of AMIGO 2 sitting rear
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