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Where can I download CAD files for the robot covers? I did not find them!

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Hello there!

my name is Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Professor at University of Genova, Italy. My group is currently coordinating the EC-funded FP7 project ROBOSKIN (www.roboskin.eu), aimed at designing large-scale artificial skin for robots.

We would like to perform some skin coverage experiments with the covers of AMIGO, but I was not able to find them (only internal mechanical stuff is present). Could you please tell me where to find them?

Best regards,


asked Feb 14, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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A folder containing the CAD files for the covers have been added to the svn (https://rop.wtb.tue.nl/svn/rop/AMIGO/Covers/). A complete assembly of AMIGO with it's covers has been placed in the AMIGO directory (https://rop.wtb.tue.nl/svn/rop/AMIGO/).

answered Feb 17, 2012 by P.M.G. Metsemakers (290 points)